London Councils and GMB news item

London Councils and GMB news item.

Jim Wright FCILT
Global Sales Director
Clean Air Technology International Ltd

Note from London Councils newsletter 20/05/2020 

Let us keep clean air 

“London is seeing clear improvements to air quality and traffic levels as fewer people use cars and increasingly make the switch to other forms of travel – such as walking and cycling.
London’s boroughs have long been champions of walking and cycling – with many responding to the coronavirus pandemic by introducing emergency measures to support people walking and cycling for essential journeys.
We are urging Londoners who need to travel right now to use cleaner, greener forms of transport such as walking and cycling as their first choice. Cars should only be used where there is no viable alternative, given the walking and cycling infrastructure we have in the capital and the health and environmental benefits of active travel.”

Response from Clean Air Technology International Ltd

Great travel suggestions and ways of reducing emissions given over the last few weeks, however, they have missed the point.

All the media are reporting concerns of when lockdown starts to open up, we will go back to the high emissions in London and all of our major towns and cities.

Reported on GMB this morning:

 The International Monetary Fund for Green Initiative have available funds for any green initiatives.

Seventeen EU countries are fully in support of finding ways in maintaining lower emissions from harmful gases.

It is reported that the world has seen between a 40 – 60 % reduction in smog and pollution from harmful gases, yet our only avenue is to ask that people travel by bike, walk or more sustainable means of travel.

Our research shows all countries are stepping up sustainable implementation and policy by doing away with fossil fuel, diesel and petrol cars, at best some time in 2030 at worst 2050. This will not resolve the immediate issues that still cause emissions from harmful gases and given that petrol and diesel vehicles can be removed, there will still be shipping ,trains, agriculture, and heavy machinery. 

Clean Air Technology International Ltd (CATIL) have an easy to use solution that is tested and can reduce harmful emissions by up to 80%  from fuel and this is is available NOW!

This is not the full solution but a great step in starting the process.

Quote from Dutch Emissions expert;

 “When we have ships arrive in Rotterdam, they bring a week’s harmful emissions more than we see from cars and heavy vehicles, yet we cannot get anyone to look at this solution.”

We at CATIL have worked extremely hard in writing to Government, Councils, business leaders and others in regard to our tried and tested product.

We as a county need to act now until a more permanent solution can be found!

Clean Air Technology International Ltd have made a commitment  to continue to lobby.

Please visit our website, which will provide proven results and information on CAT5 and if you like this solution to reduce harmful emissions please feel free to share.

Please contact us if you need any further information or wish to speak to a member of our team or

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