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Typical improvements in fuel economy and emissions are as follows; 

Each engine is slightly different, as are driving styles and vehicular use, so the actual results of the use of CAT5 in your engine will vary to some degree, but should fall within the ranges outlined here.
There is no specialist equipment or pumps etc, required to add CAT5 to your vehicle, simply add it straight into your fuel tank or pre-mix in your fuel storage tank.

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Opti Testing Gases Summary PDF document

Cut fuel emissions and cut fuel bills with CAT5 fuel catalyst.

It takes More than 45 trees to absorb 1 Tonne of CO2
5000000 +
The world makes 1000,000 bottles in a minute; did you know only 91% are not recycled.
100 %
The UK has 152 billion Tonne of goods moved annually - that is 79% of all goods
95000 +
The UK has over 95,000 buses on the roads
500000 +
We have over 601,468 goods vehicles on the roads in the UK
CAT 5 : Before and after videos

Watch our video to show before and after the use of CAT5 fuel catalyst.