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Breaking News; Green Business Network (GBN)

Clean air Technology International Ltd  News:  We are tremendously excited and proud to announce that we are  joining The Green Business Network (GBN)

Jane Varley from GBN commented:

“ We are delighted to welcome Clean Air Technology International as members of the Green Business Network (GBN). Clean air Technology International Ltd are entitled to the GBN member benefits, and can bring as many delegates as required to our free monthly environmental seminars, in addition to putting them on any free or subsidised training courses that we offer. Members can also benefit from sharing best practice with other members of the Network, in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties. The Green Business Network is an organisation that is open to suggestions, and we encourage our members to tell us what more we can be doing for them”

Jim Wright FCILT, Clean Air Technology International’s Global Sales Director added:

 “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to headline the advantages and the solution to the emissions issues we face globally. CAT5 can give a simple to use and cost-effective solution to emissions in the Green Business Network (GBN)”

At Clean Air Technology International, we have the solution in reducing emissions by up to 80%, which is cost-effective and easy to use. Clean Air Technology International Ltd, a British owned company, has developed CAT5 which is manufactured in Goole, Uk. We have been developing and working on the catalyst project for several years and have proven results and data regarding the simple to use, cost-effective solution in reducing harmful emissions.

CAT5 has been tried and tested in HGV vehicles, cars, vans, mining, shipping, construction equipment of all types, farmland and agricultural equipment and has consistently shown a reduction of harmful emissions by up to 80%. Furthermore, it has also shown improved fuel consumption in the region of 6 – 12 %. 

The catalyst is currently being used in South Africa in mining, and in Rotterdam on large inland shipping carriers, with results (produced and verified by the University of Rotterdam), demonstrating an improvement of emissions between 70 – 80 %. Trials are currently being  undertaken in Australia, and we are in discussions with the Western Australian government,  the Inspectorate for Mining and a global mining company based in Australia.

Innospec, a world leader in the manufacture and sales of fuel additives,  tested CAT5 under its original product name. The tests performed were industry standard “No Harm” tests and showed no detrimental effects on engine components or fuel delivery systems , but continued improvements in fuel economy and exhaust emissions such as NOx, CO, CO2, and Particulates. 

Do not hesitate in contacting us for further information,  Jim Wright. FCILT Global sales Director.

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