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Government to set legally binding air quality targets

The UK government is planning to set new air quality targets under its Environment Bill, to help reduce public exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5). The UK currently falls short of World Health Organisation recommended limits of PM 2.5’s, which are produced by vehicle engines and are known to damage the lungs and heart.

The government has said that it is fully committed to tackling air pollution and that is independent of being a member of the EU. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) long-term targets are supported by interim targets to ensure the UK stays on track with the Government’s five-year trajectory.

Statement from; George Eustice, Environment Secretary, said: “The targets we set under our Environment Bill shall be the driving force behind our bold action to protect and enhance our natural world – guaranteeing real and lasting progress on some of the most significant environmental issues facing us today.

Statement from Clean Air Technology International Ltd.

We have the solution!

Several years of testing have found CAT5 to be a proven, cost-effective approach to reducing emissions from a wide range of engines and applications, and has been proven to not harm the fuel system. Furthermore, diesel containing CAT5 remains within its standard specification. Additionally, the application of CAT5 does not require any changes made to an engine’s hardware or software, or the fitting of any additional equipment to the vehicle.

Testing on a range of different engines,  under both laboratory and live conditions in various countries, have all recorded a range of improvements in fuel consumption and reductions in emissions. The scope of enhancements is significant, outstanding, and impressive.

How it works

CAT5 is the name given to an innovative catalytic fuel additive that reduces emissions and improves energy release in the combustion process in a diesel engine. Tests on a range of machines of diverse sizes, varying Euro emissions standards, in different conditions, with other operating profiles, and from various manufacturers, have all recorded reductions in emissions improvements in fuel consumption.

As a solution, CAT5 has many advantages. It is proven to be highly effective, cash positive to the end-user,  can be widely applied and is a solution to our growing emissions issues, not only in the UK globally.

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