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Harmful Gases and emissions

The Uk has 152 billion tonnes of goods moved per annum, that is 79% of all goods. International Freight into the uk is 5.6 billion tonnes, which makes a contribution of approximately  £12 billion into our economy. We have 68,983 licenced operators based in the UK, which equates to 601,468 goods vehicles (this is not including the massive van fleet which are not required to be unregistered through the DVSA.  

We then have a bus fleet of approimatelyx 95,000 vehicles, in addition to all the cars, motor bikes and all other types of vehicle( including plant, agriculture, heating fuel and shipping).

I have attended endless amounts of Zoom or Teams meetings during lockdown, with reports of harmful emissions down by up to 70% in big cities all over the world. Quite rightly the mantra has been  let’s work hard to keep the emissions down.

The Plan!

Electric cars, cycles, scooters, walk, use local transport and cycle.  Then we must stop using fossil fuel driven cars vans and large vehicles now or at least by 2030 (or at the very latest 2050). 

Raise taxes, install cycle lanes and pathways. Stop HGV’s going through cities and large towns.

This is a great plan but doomed to fail; we just simply cannot replace all of the above.

There is not enough production of replacement vehicles, there are ongoing issues with power connections , planning is being refused by councils who set the agenda.

Fire risk-  what do we do with the batteries that have 8 – 10-year life? 

Given the current low range of electric vehicles (around 250 miles on a good clear run) and the distance our haulage vehicles travel, with costs being extremely tight for operators’ and companies with low margins, coupled with the COVID-19 downturn in business and low investment.. Therefore, unlikely that hauliers, logistics and distribution companies are going to be able to afford a change from fossil fuels to other solutions quickly enough to satisfy the projections of 2030 – 2050

We at Clean Air Technology International Ltd producers of CAT5 has a simple cost-effective solution that will resolve some of the issues Now! 

Clean Air Technology International Ltd, producers and distributers of CAT5, are currently lobbying authorities, local councils and the governments in a number of countries to the benefits of using our product, which reduces emissions by up to  a proven 80%. 

Although it will not totally solve the issues it will give a simple cost effective solution to retaining a reduction in emissions.

Mark Duffy, Director of Clean Air Technology International Ltd,  stated,

“We should encourage government and councils to look at all options to retain the decrease of emissions whilst other sustainable solutions are proven and put into place. We are seeing estimates of 2050 before solutions are developed, tried, and tested; CAT5  is ready and available now and  will  reduce emissions”

Why would you not want to reduce emissions and save money this low cost simple to use product will finance itself and leave you with profits from fuel savings.

Please contact the team at Clean Air Technology International Ltd or Jim Wright FCILT our Global Sales Director  on  – 07747056957   or  for further information.

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