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Letter from Queensland Government. Department of Transport and Main Roads.

from Neil Scales, Director-General, Department of Transport and Main Roads

Dear Mr Wright,

I refer to your email of 12 February 2020 to the Honourable Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Transport and Main Roads, about reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency. The Minister has asked that I respond on his behalf.

As you know, the transport sector has a challenge ahead to reduce vehicle emissions. The Palaszczuk Government has a target of net zero emissions by 2050 and is encouraging the uptake of low and zero emission vehicles through the Future is Electric Queenslands Electric Vehicle Strategy and the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy.

I noted with interest the information provided by you about the CAT5 additive product. It is encouraging to hear trials are happening using this additive in internal combustion engines. The product could provide a transitioning additive to diesel and petrol engines as we move towards a clean energy future

I encourage you to seek interest from industry in Queensland for the CAT5 product, particularly the heavy vehicle industry, to help reduce emissions and improve efficiency in the transport sector

Again, thank you for contacting the Minister for Transport and Main Roads about the CAT5 product .

Yours sincerely

Neil Scales
Director General
Department of Transport and Main Roads
24th February 2020

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