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CAT5 - The simple to use Catalyst solution

Old London Black Cab Trials.

By Jim Wright, Proof of Concept and Sales consultant

CAT5: Trialled on a Black London Cab that had over 500,000 miles on the clock; produced amazing results for fuel consumption and a reduction of emissions. The team at Clean Air Technology International Ltd purchased an old London Cab to see the effects  CAT5 on the vehicle. They have collected data and evidenced some fantastic results. From April 2019 to November 2019 showing an improvement on MPG from 25.83 MPG to 27.52 MPG and an impressive reduction of 85% on emissions from smoke tests.

Statement from Andy Preston Director of Core & CATIL in Leeds

 Quote: ‘Over the course of just over two months and less than 1300 miles from the introduction of CAT5 I saw the Smoke Test reading reduce from 0.07 to 0.01 a reduction of 85%. Similarly, an increase of 6.5% in fuel economy, rising from 25.83mpg to 27.52mpg. Bearing in mind that these results were achieved on a London Black Cab which has now done approaching 600,000 miles, I was very impressed’

CAT5 is unlike other fuel additives in that it uses the power of catalysts to deliver improvements in fuel economy and reduced emissions, CAT5 contains catalysts in an organic carrier that is added to fuel.

Here’s how it works: The catalyst operates in the combustion chamber to reduce energy lost in the fuel combustion process, thereby increasing work output per unit of fuel consumed therefore reducing emissions and harmful gasses.

The catalysts used were carefully chosen and balanced in terms of chemical reactivity and the amount present in CAT5, with the result being a blend that works together to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

A copy of the test Data and smoke emissions tests are available, for More info please contact us.


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